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Identifying Tax Fraud – IRS and Practitioner Techniques

This linked article reflects many of the same things that the Internal Revenue Service utilizes in doing their income probes of a business taxpayer under examination.  If you want to learn more about the techniques that the IRS uses to find income, visit my website, and locate one of the many CPE providers who play my courses.  An alternative would be for non CPE credit to download the video course with Powerpoints from my product store to add quickly to your knowledge.

My top selling 2015 edition tax practice and procedure book entitled, “The Top 5o Mistakes Practitioners Make and How to Fix Them: Dealing with the Internal Revenue Service’ is available as an e book download.  The case studies, mistakes, applicable law or other authority, solutions, and forms are invaluable tools in making dealing with the IRS less ‘taxing”.

Stu Sobel

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